Monday, February 22, 2010

Already spotted an error in my blog!

Well that didn't take long did it?  The error is of course the title of the blog which I have explained nowhere at all and begs the question "so what on earth is a Grey Nomad"?

I'd never heard the expression until 2 days ago either so won't blame anyone else for not knowing what it means.  It is I believe an Aussie expression.  Or certainly the lady who told me of it was Australian and said it was becoming a well-known phenomenon in Australia.

I do intend to make an extended comment on lifestyle choices being made in a later post so will simply say at this juncture that a Grey Nomad is someone like me.  Sadly grey but rather more happily able to step back a little from the day to day corporate (or whatever business he/she had been involved in during his/her earlier career) grind and follow what they would rather be doing rather than what they have to be doing.

For me, I admit to being grey haired.  The picture on my blog home page gives something of a hint of this (I'm the one in the striped shirt by the way).  But I have been fortunate enough to be able to make that step back from the in my case corporate grind and hope to become the second part of the title in future.

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