Saturday, May 11, 2013

Meeting Elvis!

I know.  What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.  Great tag line by the PR folks that promote Las Vegas to the world and it really is a neat tag line too.  Wish I'd thought of it first.  And I know it all took place a month ago but in my defense I got a little busy and then forgot about it which is a mistake as its not every day that you get to meet Elvis.

The Real Thing

Again I know Elvis is no longer around having eaten his last banana and peanut butter sandwich in 1977, but this is Vegas!

It all happened because of Rosie really, one of my cricket mates.  He loves Vegas and as he was getting married (to Kim), he really wanted to get married in Vegas too.  So he invited a few Associates cricketers to the bash and even more surprisingly a few of us decided to go.

Rosie organized a collective hotel (the new Vdara, an MGM hotel) and a few parties/shows.  Viv and I didn't fancy Shania Twain so saw a comedian instead who was so laid back and low key that he seemed virtually asleep.  But still all good fun really.

Springtime in Las Vegas at the Bellagio

Next door to the Bellagio

The wedding was at the LV Country Club and all went beautifully actually until that moment when Rosie decided to sing with the band.  What a dreadful voice!  Mind you it was all a cunning ploy for he stopped half way and introduced Elvis to the audience.

Las Vegas Country Club wedding vale

"Love me Tender..."

He had a nice voice too.  Maybe not quite like Elvis the original but still good and of course he sung a few of Elvis' love songs and the big finale...

"Viva Las Vegas!"

The King & The Associates -- Rosie, Ruthless and Cookie

And as for the rest of it, well what happens in Vegas...

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