Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Beaches

If anyone rolled their eyes at the thought of beaches in Toronto, I'd have agreed with them up until yesterday when Viv and I actually walked them.  They were both real and fantastic.

Toronto has a series of 'Discovery Walks' that take you to various places around the 3rd largest city in North America (only behind NYC and LA, just over taken Chicago) and the one we chose was the Eastern Ravine and Beaches.

To get there we took the subway to Main Street Station on the Bloor Line and then the 64 Bus south to Kingston Road where we picked up the start of the trail at Glen Stewart Ravine -- an ancient now dry river bed down to the sea.

This was a 9.1 km trail taking us down to the Beaches and then along to Kew Gardens, Woodbine Beach, Ashbridge's Bay Park before taking us back to Queen Street and the street car back to downtown Toronto.

This was each of the 3 public transport mechanisms on a Sunday and you know, it all worked beautifully.  The subway whirred like clockwork.  The bus from Main Street was both well sign posted and turned up within a couple of minutes.  The bus driver told us where to get off and we were able to walk to the start of the trail all within 5 minutes of exiting the bus.


I've developed a love for plants and at a time when it rains a lot and it is sunny a lot, this is just perfect for plants who were just magnificent.

The beaches were a bit grimy to be honest but what do you expect at a lake?  Plenty of paddle boarders and we even found a nice looking tennis club (at Kew Gardens).

Woodbine Beach

All in all a lovely Sunday walk that took our 9.1 kms and added a further 3-4 kms when we marched around King/Queen Street looking for a place to eat, a movie house (SuperMan 3D) and ultimately home.

Great day!!

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