Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"Houston. We have a problem".

Really who doesn’t want to have the chance to say this?  OK I do understand that the original time was pretty serious but Apollo 13 did make it back in the end safe and sound.  My intent was to find someone in uniform and ask him or her where we are and when he/she responded with the ‘H’ word come out with the instant riposte.

Viv pointed out that this may not be a good idea as whilst Texans are fun loving people, they may look askance at what they perceive to be lip.

The drive from Fort Worth to Houston was pretty straightforward but reminded us how big the state is (again, if that was needed).  There are no secondary roads.  We put into the GPS, minimize freeways and the result was all freeway.  The state after all is very young and apart from El Camino Real which cropped up at various places in various cities, everything is very new.  Roads included.  If there used to be no road connecting A to B, for example, there really is no alternative to the freeway.

Spring time is spring flowers time. Blue bonnets, poppies...

This said we did manage to find in our search for the ultimate Texas barbeque, a road house along the way (in a town/city we didn’t make note of, sorry) called Sam’s.  Not very helpful if you want to retrace our steps, I know, but that is what it is called.

The menu was pretty simple and reminded me a little of the Samoa Cookhouse in Eureka – all you can eat buffet or a small menu mostly Barbeque.  The buffet included fried everything you can think of and barbequed everything else all for $12. 

The place was packed and really no wonder so many people in the US are overweight.

Houston sky line

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