Sunday, April 27, 2014

The new normal even in Texas

On the way to San Antonio we had to stop over back in Webster as we'd left our water bottles in the room's fridge and forgot all about them we we left for Houston.

We'd called the hotel but coincidentally their phones were down so we spoke with Best Western's 1-800 number and asked them to contact the hotel for us.

When we arrived, the hotel receptionist told us those great Houston words: "We have a problem".

The problem interestingly is the real new normal in Texas.  In that part of South Texas more than two thirds of the inhabitants are of Mexican origin.  I'd thought it odd that there were so many Mexican and other Latino restaurants and bars but of course it makes perfect sense.  I'd just not thought about that before.

The 'problem' that the hotel encountered was that the housekeeper who'd found the bottles had put them 'somewhere' but today was her day off.

The other 'problem' was that the hotel receptionist was not a Spanish speaker and the housekeeper was not an English speaker so the first step was to find someone who spoke both English and Spanish and then call the housekeeper on her cell phone and hope she picked up the call.

Fortunately all came through just fine and I just have to congratulate Best Western's staff for making it all happen.  We've stayed at this hotel chain on multiple occasions and on every occasion they really do a great job.  All are owner operated but clearly have to adhere to Best Western's standards which are clean room, free wifi, fridge, microwave, clean bathrooms, in fact all you need for a road trip.  Furthermore they are everywhere.

Great job Best Western and thanks!

Where are the water bottles?

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