Friday, November 6, 2015

Man Versus Food

This is the next post of our Japan trip.  It took place in September but I only managed to write these notes a couple of months later.  For contemporaneous reports, take a look at Track My Tour -- a brilliant app that I used to ... well, track our tour.  Here is the link.

Japanese food is meant to be one of high art.  Presentation of artistically created food is paramount yet the reality for many restaurants is different.

In the west we expect 'Japanese' restaurants to carry sushi, noodles, meat, hot pot bowls, etc in one place.  Each is its own genre so in Japan, you don't have that.  You go to a place for sushi.  Another for noodles.  And so on.

You also go to places where you get to eat and drink all that you can for a period of time and pay accordingly!

It was to one of the latter that we went on our first night in Kyoto having checked into the Hotel Sunline Kyoto in the old Gion district.  This was where much of the sightseeing was to be so it seemed like a good idea to stay nearby as Kyoto is a monumentally huge city.

Imagine Wagyu beef shaved thin, pork, fish, veggies and loads of noodles along with endless beer and sake and this was the extravaganza we enjoyed all in our shabby shabu style hot pot of boiling water that soon turned to broth.

It will be tough to beat this!!

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