Saturday, November 21, 2015


This is the next post of our Japan trip.  It took place in September but I only managed to write these notes a couple of months later.  For contemporaneous reports, take a look at Track My Tour -- a brilliant app that I used to ... well, track our tour.  Here is the link.

The plan for the next day was to head to a seaside resort called Kamakura for one night and check out the local festival which would feature monks on horseback shooting arrows at targets.  It took one cable car ride, 4 train rides (becoming more local at each turn) and then a final monorail ride all courtesy of the train pass to arrive.

Cool looking train.  This is the Nagoya Airport Express.  The Japanese love their trains!

Unfortunately the show took place at 1 pm and we arrived at 3 pm by which time the rain had set in again so we all split up and went in different directions.

A prize winner at the flower arranging stand... I think.

Viv and I found a nice place for dinner though.  Sushi this time!

We also enjoyed a sake experience Cat had talked about before whereby the server brings both glass and a small lacquer box to the table placing the glass inside.  The glass is then filled up and up until it overflows into the box.  It is only when the level has reached the top of the box that the pouring stops.  Apparently it is a sign that the wait staff like you.  As it had only happened at this restaurant, I did wonder what this said about us!

Big bottle of sake!  That glass is really full!!  But this is the drinking combo of choice for the Japanese.  Very nice it is too!!
Tokyo tomorrow... and we are really are heading back.

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