Tuesday, August 16, 2016

En Route...

Like a previous trip I have been extremely remiss in not staying current on these posts.  However I did use that wonder App called Track My Tour (please tell Chris that I sent you if you check it out) which did a much better job.  Here is the link to this part of the trip -- Click here.


I have been really remiss in finishing the tour blog as I see its been a month since the last one but life has interfered here in Bermuda.  A bit of work and lots of parties in particular!

July is the month of Cup Match -- the hottest time of the year both weatherwise as well as party wise.  It is a 2-day cricket match pitching the East End of the island (St. George's) against the West End (Somerset).   I find it curious that nobody really minds that the correct parish name is St George (singular) without the possessive something spelling that is common place here.  Mind you I worked for 3 years in Government when I first arrived and every day walked down from the 5th floor where my office was just so I could see the spelling of the Department of 'Eduaction' down there on the 3rd floor!

However as a spectacle, Cup Match is hard to beat.  We have our issues in Bermuda, everyone does, but this occasion is special.  Everyone is in a good mood and particularly is in party mode.  The build up is for at least the week previously and the ending continues well into the next week encompassing a ridiculous event called the Non-Mariners Race when thousands moor up or head to Mangrove Bay in Somerset and just act silly.  This is THE time to be in Bermuda!

But the reason for this post is to was lyrically yet again about the amazingness of technology and in particular this app that I use called Track My Tour.  The guy who put it together (Chris) deserves amazing plaudits for this.

What I particularly like is the fact that I don't have to remember where exactly I am for this app (and of course my phone) does all this for me.  So when I made the post about being probably somewhere over the island of Sardinia, later on I was able to confirm just that -- see here.

Now I do realise that this is pretty standard now that we have GPS on our side (yeah right -- convince me that Big Brother isn't watching us!) and can tell to within however many feet it is just where we are, but I remember losing my keys a couple of days ago and couldn't find them anywhere.  No GPS there so I hadn't a clue nor a hope in finding them (as it turned out they were in my bag but that isn't the point).  But Chris' tool can let me know where I am any time of the day or night.  Brilliant!

The next two points were in Mallorca (see here) and then it really was the mainland and finally Lisbon.

Thanks again Chris!  Great App!!!

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