Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Foodie's Edition

Like a previous trip I have been extremely remiss in not staying current on these posts.  However I did use that wonder App called Track My Tour (please tell Chris that I sent you if you check it out) which did a much better job.  Here is the link to this part of the trip -- Click here.


It is annoying as you get older that your weight becomes more difficult to manage.  Remember when you were young you could eat and drink anything and everything and stay skinny as a rake?  Well forget it as you get older.  My weight seems to stabilise every so often at a level 5 pounds higher than it was before.  Mind you I suppose if I suddenly lost weight, that would be a bad thing.  But I do wish it wouldn't always be so.  

I've been around the same level for over 10 years now and all of a sudden when we got back from holiday in June, that level was now 5 pounds higher and try as I might (and I do confess to being very weak willed so my trying could really be better) I seem to have anchored around that level.  Viv tells me my tummy is hard now!  Just great.

I suppose it really is my fault going to places where the food is soooo wonderful.  Combine that with my weak will and an abundance of wonderful wine et voila!  There you have it.  Chub central.  So take a look and see when you could have said No.

Fragolini -- the perfect way to end a meal

Gelati -- simply the best way to pass the time walking back to the hotel

Amalfi anchovies

Home cured prosciutto

Home made gnocchi with clams from Amalfi fresh off the boat

Home made pasta with pesto and lemon sauce

The perfect end to a meal -- home made Limoncello from Amalfi

Fresh fish medley in Amalfi

Whole Barzino in baked sea salt

Linguine with anchovies, of course from Amalfi again!

Local seafood stew with Octopus to the fore

Multiple mini bruschetta

Home made (by us) mozzarella treats

Home made pasta with sage and spring onions

Local veal

Deep fried anchovy treats this time!

Home made linguine with red clam sauce (with shells)

Local linguine with lemon sauce

Amalfi anchovies

Home cured prosciutto again this time with home made mozzarella

Risotto alla limone at the lemon farm, just wonderful

Porchetta from Rome

The BEST linguine carbonara in the world from Maccheroni in Roma

Our shared meat plate in Rome

And the best linguine with anchovy oil in the world!!!

Who would have better will power than I faced with such delicacies?

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