Monday, October 24, 2016

All you need is ...

Now I have an endlessly soft spot for the mop tops and don't care that Macca was supposedly the nice one who actually wasn't that nice but wrote all the singalong tunes.  I was looking forward to this set and the man really did not disappoint!

Hard Days Night as the opener!!
Here's the setlist:

This guy has 50 years of 3 minute songs to choose from, many to all of which are singalongable to the nth degree -- I sang along a lot!

I liked the way that Macca chatted to the audience in between.  There were some great stories.

Apparently he in the guise of Wings was the first western band to play in Red Square.  At the concert beforehand backstage were endless VIPs many soldiers in uniform.  One told him that he learned to speak English from Beatles records. 

The story before 'Something' changed though since when Viv and I saw him in Halifax a few years back.  This time Macca said he was round at George's Aunty Flo's house for tea when he pulled out his ukulele and started strumming.  Macca did the same then stopped half way through and said that it was out of tune, got a new one, said "Well that proves this is a live show" and started again, this time perfectly.

For the Benefit of Mr Kite!!! What!!!!! Really?  Fantastic.

The first attempt at Yesterday with ukulele #1

When Neil Young came out to join him for 'Day in the Life', Macca asked him to stay on for the next one and play his usual solo in the middle.  Neil showed him and it was the same one that he uses for all his tunes, whichever tunes they may be.  I recognized it from a couple of his songs earlier in the night!  "That's the one" said Macca.  So he did.

First song for the encore was a response to the Stones last night who'd done 'Come Together' as a cover.  Macca said he'd like to do a version of their 1st number one in England... which just happened to be written by Lennon/MacCartney! 

It wasn't just me on my feet tonight!
Stu said he thought the band was the same as when he saw them 20 years ago.  They certainly were the same that Viv and I saw more recently than that, albeit more wrinkly too.  Macca wasn't though.  Black hair and wrinkle free.  Lucky devil!

He didn't stop playing until way past the midnight hour curfew and I am pretty sure that nobody was going to stop him playing if he wanted to carry on.  That meant that it was nearly light by the time we got back to our hotel in Palm Springs... these late nights were killing me!

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