Monday, October 24, 2016

Who could ever doubt them?

You just knew the Stones would nail it.

Where mumbling Bob Dylan came on late and left early, mumbled throughout and ignored the audience, the Stones did their thing.  They've been on their greatest hits farewell tour since the late 1980's by my recollection so they are really, really good at it.

Mick Jagger is perpetual motion and Keef looks like a rambling wreck.  He can't really play the guitar any more but somehow manages to hit those licks that Ronnie Wood then makes recognizable -- Mick Taylor used to do this in the 1970's before his own well known afflictions kicked in.  And Charlie on the drums, well Viv said his expression didn't change once.  I think she meant for the night's show but I was thinking since the 1970's more likely.

Playing 'Sympathy for the Devil'. What a great tune that is!!

The set list was quality of course.  I liked the fact that they played some tunes they hadn't done in a while and a Beatles cover seeing as they were on the bill with Macca -- they did a good job on it too.

And the encore was great too. For the first they had a local choir come out and sing with the band (of course the song was 'You Can't Always Get What You Want' which must have been a great thrill for them.

Here they are doing Come Together!  I read an article the other day by a journo sitting a few seats away from Macca in one of the VIP suites.  When the Stones played this he jumped up and down too!!!

Keef had barely made it through 'Sympathy' earlier on with his scraggly solos and the one on 'Satisfaction' was barely adequate too but he nailed the chords, simple as they are to play.  But he did it his way!

But what I love about the Stones is that they are always, always, always upbeat and give you what you want.  After the shambling start, this was a great finisher.  I'll bet Dylan didn't stay to watch and take notes though!

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